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Import & Export. Your goods in good hands


At I&D Trans we have been working since 2004 with companies like yours that want to import or export their products quickly, safely and without complications.

It is often difficult to find a reliable external logistics service that guarantees you do its job well, and in which you can delegate an important part of your business.

If logistics fail, your merchandise will not arrive on time and that will make you not meet your goals and your customers are dissatisfied. For this not to happen, you need a logistics company to ensure you:

Id Trans - Irun - Gipuzkoa

• That your merchandise will arrive at the appointed time.
• It will immediately solve any incident or problem.
• It will take care of the items it transports.
• It will keep you informed at all times.
• It will manage everything related to the collection and delivery.

Importing and exporting is not an easy task, especially to countries like the UK or Ireland, as incidents can arise with the lorry, cargo, customs, ferry or permits that can make you lose money and time.

At R&D Trans we have been helping companies like yours to transport their goods to the UK or Ireland for many years on the shortest and safest route.

Id Trans - Irun - Gipuzkoa

We want you to also enjoy the advantages that a company specialized in import and export to the UK can bring you. Thanks to this you will get:

• Save time and money in the logistics of your company.
• Make sure your lorry arrives in perfect condition.
• Satisfy your client’s needs.
• Meet stated goals and deadlines.
• Forget customs problems, paperwork or incidents.
• Know at all times where the lorry is.

Id Trans - Irun - Gipuzkoa






  Road haulage
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Logistics and Transportation Company
Specialists in transport between the UK and Ireland and the Iberian Peninsula

• More than 20 years of experience in the sector
• Import & Export
• National and international transport
• Constant monitoring of the goods
• Storage and distribution of goods
• Timely and frequent shipments

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